Freedom From The Ties That Bind / The Secret Of Self Liberation

Autor: Guy Finley

Editora: Llewellyn Publications


Ano: 1994

Encardenação: Brochura

Data de cadastro: 02/08/2021 15:51

ISBN: 9780875422176

Páginas: Não informado

Peso: 390.0 (gr)



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R$ 6.99
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Descrição do livro

Cod. 508972 / obs: livro em inglês em bom estado de conservação / com páginas e corte das páginas amarelados pelo tempo e com manchas de oxidação / pequenos desgastes nas extremidades das capas / possui um pequeno rasgo no corte inferior da capa frontal / jpr / Sinopse: You can find an inexhaustible source of strength within that allows you to leave all self-punishing patterns behind. You can have the power to choose the life you really want. You can truly know that you won't have to go through this life alone. You can start living the life you dream of when you read Freedom From the Ties that Bind by Guy Finley. In this amazing book, you will learn hundreds of breakthrough secrets of self-liberation that show you exactly how to be fully independent and free of any unhappy condition. Even the most difficult people won't be able to try your temper or get you flustered. You'll feel anxieties and doubts about your future fade away. You'll enjoy solid, meaningful relationships based on your conscious choices rather than self-defeating compromises. Included are: ·Forty ways to determine your level of inner freedom ·Thirty keys to change your destiny ·Eleven laws that lift you to the next life level ·Means to clear up the source of all painful confusion ·Ways to make the fear of being "no one" fade away ·How to turn any sorrow into a higher self-healing Stop being an unwilling victim of your own fears! Freedom From the Ties that Bind will give you life-healing insights that will allow you to take command of any challenging situation. And finally, you'll discover the greatest spiritual secret of all, who you really are is already everything you've ever wanted to be! Author Guy Finley presents over 75 seminars each year on self-liberation. Now the essence of the secrets he shares have been distilled and expanded upon in Freedom From the Ties that Bind. This is a book that is truly healing and gives the gift of life and freedom. Get your copy today.

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