The Natural History Of Selborne / Ecologia

Autor: Gilbert White

Editora: Penguin Books

Estante: Biologia

Ano: 1987

Encardenação: Brochura

Data de cadastro: 26/05/2015 10:57

ISBN: 01-4043-112-8

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Descrição do livro

Cod. 438748 / OBS: LIVRO EM INGLES, COM AS PÁGINAS EM PAPEL JORNAL AMARELADAS PELO TEMPO / This book is a collection of letters from Gilbert White, a 18th century Hampshire vicar, to the naturalists Thomas Pennant and Daines Barrington. A keen amateur naturalist, White made a study of the flora, and particularly the fauna, around his home village of Selborne. The book was originally published in White's lifetime and has become a natural history classic. In his introduction to the Penguin edition that I have, Richard Mabey writes; More than any other single book it has shaped our everyday view of the relations between man and nature...........he was perhaps the first writer to talk of animals - and particularly birds - as if they conceivably inhabited the same universe as human beings. This is the third or fourth time I have read this book. I am interested in natural history but not particularly knowledgeable about it. I have to admit there are parts of the book I skip, lists of birds, the Latin bits etc. What I love about it is the enthusiasm which White shows for his subject. He was writing at a time when there was still a lot to be discovered about native flora and fauna. White was particularly interested in birds, and in those days it was still unclear whether birds migrated, and if so, where to. White spends a lot of time thinking and writing on this subject.

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